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Visitors: Many people have visited the Islamic centres and Mosques in our communities since their very inception (see History).The most common visitors are the local Muslims who regularly use the centres or its many services and facilities. There are many Muslims who visit the centres from throughout the UK and indeed from different parts of the world. They may be travelers passing through the locality who come and offer their prayers here.

Guided Tour: Another common visitor, from the local community, is school children who attend the guided tours in the the centres. There are other groups of people who also come to visit the centres - whether out of curiosity or part of their study. Why not take a virtual tour or contact the centres for a personal or group tour.

Gallery of events: These are photos that have been submitted by members who use the centres. They will also include photos from events and functions at the centre aand within the wider Muslim community.

At the time of Muhammad (PBUH) often delegations would come and visit the Prophet at the Masjid Nabwi.

People from many different backgrounds and faiths came to question and discus issues with the Prophet or to make some sort of treaty. Once a delegation of Christians came to visit the Prophet. They spent three nights at the Masjid.

The Masjid was visited frequently by visitors of different backgrounds. Even today Masjid the world over are open to everyone to visit, learn, study and worship.