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Remember me? Its me, Amina!

I was feeling so lonely today because my parents had to go away in a hurry.

My gran become really ill so my mum and dad rushed away to see her in hospital.

My dad was very sad  because he was so worried about his mum. He misses her and wants her to get well soon.

I am left at home baby sitting my big brother. You know what its like.

I really miss my parents. I wish I had spent more time with them and cant wait for them to get back.

Its strange not having them at home. When my mum gets back I am going to help her and look after her.

Our parents love us so much so we should love and respect them too.

Thanks for listening your sister, Amina


During Hajj, there was a man from Yemen walking around the Ka'bah doing tawaf. He was carrying a frail old woman on his shoulders. As he walked, he was reciting some poetry .

The poem he recited talked about how he was carrying his mother on his shoulders. Even though it was hard work, he had no regrets.

The man asked Ibn Umar whether he had repaid the favours and hardships his mother had suffered for him. Had the man re-paid her by this act of kindness, considering his mother had looked after him throughout his life.

Ibn Umar replied that he had not paid the debt for the least pain she suffered for him during his birth. This highlights the high status reserved for our parents.


Abdullah was the son of Abdul-Muttalib, the leader of Makkah. He was the most handsome of men and when he became the age of marriage, everyone knew of this young mans beauty and kind nature.

His lucky bride was the lady Amina, from the tribe of Bani Zuhrah. When people heard about this marriage they marvelled at how well these two people were suited. On the day of marriage, the whole of Makkah celebrated their union. They thought this young couple would be happy together.

A few months had passed and Abdul-Muttalib asked his son, Abdullah to go on a trade journey to Syria. Amina was very sad because they had been married for only a short time. She cried many tears because they were going to be separated for a few months.

Things got worse for Amina because Abdullah became very ill on his return

journey and soon passed away near Yathrib. Everyone was extremely sad for Amina and mourned the death of her husband.

However, Allah had blessed them with a baby boy who was born a  couple of months later. Abdul-Muttalib in particular was overjoyed with the birth of his grandson and called him Muhammmad (pbuh). He loved him more than his other grandchildren and cared for him more because he was orphaned at such a young age.

However by the age Muhammad was six he suffered another great loss with the death of his mother. At the age of eight his grandfather also passed away leaving him alone in the world with only his uncle, Abu Talib, to look after him.

We often forget how lucky we are with parents to look after and love us. 



Allah's mercy has been split into one hundred parts. One part is given to us in this world and the ninety nine parts are reserved for the Day of Judgement (Allah's mercy).

Allah is the most kind and merciful and we should always remember to ask forgiveness from him.

islamic wordsearch for Muslim children

Who was Amina missing?
What was the man carrying during Hajj?
Who were Abdulah and Amina?
Allah saved 99% of his mercy for?
What dreams do parents have?


Assalamu-alaykum, Our parents look after us and make sure that we are happy. They have our best interest at heart. This means they love us and want us to have a good life. The best way we can make their dreams come true is by being good Muslims!  PP


The Prophet cared for the whole creation.


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Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
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Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities