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Assalamu-alaykum, How are you doing?

I've been bursting to tell you something, all week.

My mum's friend came to visit us from England. My mum was so  happy because she had not seen her for so many years.

It was extra special because she brought her little son Ahmed with her. He loved it in Scotland and played with me every day.

He loved playing with my bubble gun and we would make bubbles in the garden. At night, I would tell him stories before he went to sleep.

Just before they went away, everyone was so sad. Ahmed wanted to take my bubble gun but his mum said, "No! give it back to Penpal."

I gave him it anyway and he gave me such a big beaming smile. It felt so good to see him happy, if only I could make everyone so happy.

Sharing is great...  PP


Abu Talha was a great Sahabah who lived in Madina. He was from the Ansars who were known as very generous and pious people.

Abu Talha had many gardens of data palms of which he loved one in particular. This was the most beautiful and splendid garden which he called Bairuha. It was so special that often the prophet (pbuh) would visit it and drink from its pure clean water.

When the verse related to charity was revealed Abu Talha decided to donate this to charity so that everyone could benefit from this great blessing.

The prophet (pbuh) was very pleased with this kind action and congratulated Abu Talha saying that this was a very profitable property for him (in the Hereafter).


A man came to the prophet (pbuh) and asked him if he had any food. The prophet (pbuh) send a message to his wives, asking them if there was any food in the house to share with this man.

The message came back that there was no food to eat in the house. The prophet (pbuh) then announced to the Sahabah if anyone would like to entertain his guest.

A Sahabi said that he would be honoured to entertain the prophet's (pbuh) guest. However, when the Sahabi came to his house and asked his wife if there was any food to eat, she said there was only enough food for the children to eat.

The sahabi was sad because he could not entertain this guest of the prophet (pbuh) so instructed his wife to put the children to sleep, even though they were hungry. He told her that when it came time to eat,  she should turned the lamp off by accident and they would pretend to eat whilst their guest ate to his fill.

The prophet's (pbuh) guest came and they turned the lamp off as planned. The guest ate to his fill whilst the couple pretended to eat the food. The guest ate the food and left the house, not knowing what had taken place.

The prophet (pbuh) was informed by Allah of this great sacrifice the sahabi had made. A verse from the Qur'an was revealed about the sacrifice of this great family. Sharing with others is a great act of worship in Islam


We are taught in Islam that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the best of example to mankind. This means that he is our role model in life, an example for us to follow:

He was the kindest of people and would share whatever he had with those that were less fortunate than him.

We should follow this example by trying to share whatever Allah has given to us. This is also a great act of worship for the believer and Insha-Allah we will be rewarded for this.

This also helps remove some of the difficulties and hardships which some people are afflicted with.

Sharing helps us appreciate the blessings of Allah and keeps bad qualities such as greed, arrogance and jealousy away


The most influential man in history was the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The influence and impact this one man had on the history of the world  is greater than any other human being.

This fact is accepted by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. This fact is highlighted in the book called "The 100 most influential men".


Who is our role model?
What happened in Kashmir?
How did Abu Talha help the people?
What sacrifice did the Sahabi make?
Why was Penpal happy?


Assalamu-alaykum, I saw the pictures of the earthquake in Kashmir it was so sad what happened. Allah test people in many different ways and this was indeed a big test. It is also a big test for us to see what we do to help people that are less fortunate. PENPAL


The Prophet always looked after his guests and friends.


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Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities