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Assalamu-alaykum, Welcome back Amigos!

Yep, its my favourite time. school holidays. Its brilliant, no school, no teachers, no homework and no stress!

However, I was a little confused this week, my teacher told me that Jesus died on the cross and that's the reason we get these holidays.

My Ustad at the mosque told me that Isa (as) - Jesus - did not die on the cross and was saved by Allah. He said that this is in the Qu'ran.

I was so confused so I asked my mum. She told me that Isa (as) was not killed and Allah raised him up to the heavens. She also told me that he will one day return to Earth and rule very justly.

I was so happy, it just shows that mums are the best. They are so cool and know everything.


Allah has sent many thousands of prophets to teach people about Allah. They also taught people to worship only Allah and to keep away from all evil. The prophets had some special qualities or powers and some even came with books.

Isa (as) was one of these servants of Allah. He had a miraculous birth without any father. He was able to heal the ill people and even brought people back to life.

Throughout his life he prayed to Allah and always obeyed Him. He also loved and respected his mother, Maryam. She was a very pious person.

Some people became annoyed with Isa (as) and tried to harm him. Isa (as) prayed to Allah and Allah saved him from their evil clutches. Allah raised him into the sky.


Ishaq and Yaqub were great prophets who had many prophets amongst their descendants. As time went on, the people went astray and Allah sent many prophets to bring them back to the straight path. These prophets included Musa, Dawud, Yahya and Isa (peace be upon them).

Maryam was also a descendant of Ishaq (as). She was a very kind and pious women. She would spend many hours praying in the temple and would give generously to the poor people.

One day, Allah sent the Angel Jibrael with a message for Maryam. When she saw the angel, she was shocked. When Jibrael told her that she was soon going to have a baby boy she was even more shocked.

She asked the angel how was it possible to have a child without a father? The Angel replied that his birth would be miraculous. Just like Adam (as) was created without a mother and father he will be born without a father.

When it was time for the child to be born, she went to a far away place. She gave birth to a lovely baby boy called Isa. When the people saw her with the baby they were very surprised. She pointed to the baby Isa (as) who told them that he was a servant and messenger of Allah.

Even though most people loved Isa (as) there were some who wanted to kill him. Allah saved him and lifted him away into the sky. Many people did not know about this and thought he had been killed. Some people began to say Isa (as) was the son of god and began to pray to him. Soon the people began to go astray again.

Finally, Allah sent another messenger to guide them back to the truth. Muhammad (pbuh) was this last and final messenger.



Spain was a Muslim country for over 700 years. During this time, it was the most advanced country in the whole world.

People travelled from all over the world to study at the Muslim universities. They had vast knowledge and contributed to all the different sciences in the world today.

Muslim children wordsearch - puzzle

What was special about Spain?
Who was the last great teacher?
What was Isa's (as) first miracle?
Why was Penpal confused?
What does Islam teach about Isa (as)


Assalamu-alaykum, life can be confusing, especially when you are a kid. When we get confused we have to turn to people who know the truth such as Muhammad (pbuh). He was the last and final of these greatest teachers. His teachings are for all people. PP


The prophet always said alhamdulillah whenever he received good news.


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Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities