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Assalamu-alaykum Welcome back friend guess what

My mum was so cross when we were playing outside. My sister, Amina, jumped off the swing and hurt her leg.

She cried so much and my mum gave me a big row for not looking after her. I didn't know she was going to jump off the swing!

Amina was the best at skipping in our school, She could do criss-cross, backwards, doubles and on one leg. She was the best.

Now at playtime, she sits there watching everyone else enjoying themselves and I feel so sorry for her.

I took for granted all these blessings Allah has given me. Like my sight, hearing and health. Its only when I see my sister sitting there that I realised.

I'm going to make her a get-well soon card for teaching me this important lesson -maybe you should make one too


At the time of the prophet (pbuh) there was a great man called Uwais Qarni. He was a Muslim but did not become a Sahabi because he had never met the prophet (pbuh).

All his life he wanted to meet the prophet (pbuh) but he couldn't because his mother was really old and needed to be looked after. Uwais dedicated his life to her service.

Uwais sent a message to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) asking him what to do. The Prophet (pbuh) explained that his mother is a blessing for him and a means for entering paradise. The Prophet (pbuh) also said it is better to look after his mother than to come and meet him.

Uwais was such a great and respected man that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) advised Abu Bakr and Umar to ask Uwais to make dua for them if they ever met him.


One of the greatest people to walk on this Earth was the prophet Ayyub (as). Allah had blessed this prophet with many good things in life. Ayyub had good health, lots of money, a loving family and a good living. He was very grateful to Allah for everything Allah had blessed him with.

Allah decided to test Ayyub (as) by taking away all these things from him including his health. Ayyub (as) became ill and his body became riddled with insects and disease. In fact, all his body was afflicted apart from his heart and his tongue.

Ayyub still remained grateful to Allah as well as being patient and pious. He would spend his time in worshipping Allah and never complained to anyone about his situation nor did he grumble.

The people became worried that this illness might be passed onto them so they banished him from this town. Ayyub had to move far away from the town in the place where people dumped their rubbish. His family and friends had left him and he became a very poor and lonely person with only his wife to look after him.

Even in this state, Ayyub still continued to worship Allah and remained a good person. He never complained but instead was grateful to Allah for whatever little Allah had given him. He remained in this state for many years.

Ayyub made a prayer and Allah cured him of all his illnesses. Allah restored his life with double the blessings as before! Ayyub (as) had passed this test from Allah by showing gratitude in life.



A camel is know as the ship of the desert because it can travel vast distances through the desert without drinking water. Allah has designed it in such a way that when it drinks, water gets stored in special sacks inside its body.

When it needs water, the stored water goes into its mouth and it swallows it into its stomach


3. The name of one of the prayers in the day

5. Prophet ____ was thrown in the fire.

6. Prophet _____ was swallowed by a whale.

8. The person who leads the Salah

9. Prophet ______'s stick changed into a snake.

10. The city in which Muhammad (pbuh) was born.

12. The first letter in the alphabet.

15. The Qur'an is the final _____.

16. Prophet _____ was given the Zuboor.

17. The colour of Ihram

1. Prophet Nuh (as) built an ____

2. The capital city of Saudi Arabia

3. the Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) father's name

4. The name of the last and final prophet

5. The religion of the Muslims

7. The prophet that was thrown in the well by his brothers

11. Ibrahim and Ismael built the ______.

13. Before Islam, the Arabs

worshipped ____s.

14. Allah created the ____ to give us heat and light.


What happened to Ayyub?

Why could Uwais not meet the Prophet (pbuh)?

Why was Aminah sad?

What is special about camels?

What gift did Penpal get for Eid?

BONUS QUESTION: Get your thinking caps on and think deeply, are you truly grateful for your blessings?


Assalamu-alaykum, last Eid my mum got me a pair of predator boots so I can score loads of goals at footy! Some people are so poor that they cant even afford a pair of shoes let alone football boots. We should thank Allah for everything He has given us. PENPAL


The Prophet (pbuh) was always thankful to Allah for all His favours and blessings.


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Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities