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Assalamu-alaykum, I had a disaster at home.

On Saturday, I was playing cricket with my pals in the garden. It was fun and I scored loads of runs.

My mum shouted to me and told me to come inside. When I got in Amina was playing on my x-box.

She scratched my disk and I was really angry.

I shouted at her and called her some names. She began to cry.

My dad was really cross and gave me a big row. He said, “Amina is your little sister so behave like a big brother!”

I began to think about what my dad said and decided to make things right.

I went to Amina’s room and said sorry. Amina looked at me and said, “I’m sorry as well.”

I was going to give her a hug but didn’t want to look like a softy! PP


Sometimes we go through life saying and doing things which have an effect on other people. We often don’t realise what harm we may be doing to others.

It often happens that we say or do something and it hurts people close to us. But it is too late to make amends. Therefore we should always think before we speak or do anything.

If we have caused any harm to anyone we should apologise to that person. We should also forgive people who apologise to us.

On the day of Judgement there will be people who will have performed many prayers, kept many fasts and done other good deeds. But because they will have hurt people and made people feel bad they will run short of good deeds.


Aisha was a very pious women who was married to our prophet (pbuh). Her father was none other that Abu bakr, the close friend of our Prophet (pbuh).

Once our Prophet (pbuh) was returning from a long journey with a few companions and his wife Aisha. When they were close to Madina, the caravan stopped and setup camp for the night.

In the morning Aisha had to go to the toilet so she went away into the desert. When she returned to the camp, the group was almost ready to load her carriage onto the camel and move on.

As Aisha was getting ready, she realised she had dropped her necklace so she desperately began to search for it. She thought she must have dropped it when she went to the toilet. She decided to check before the caravan headed out.

Aisha rushed to the desert and soon found the necklace. She rushed back, only to find that the caravan had left without her. Aisha was very sad and sat in the desert, hoping that someone would notice she was missing and come back for her.

A sahabi by the name of Safwan bin Mu’athal was coming behind the caravan. He noticed Aisha sitting in the desert. He realised what had happened and he gave her a lift to Madina. The people of Madina saw Aisha coming on a camel with Safwan and were glad she was safe.

Some people began to make up stories against Aisha. These rumours spread amongst the people in Madina. Aisha had become very ill and very upset because of these rumours. It was only when a verse of the Qur’an came down and confirmed the innocence of Aisha that the people realised their mistake. The people were very remorseful for what they had done and asked Aisha to forgive them. Aisha was very pious and a good Muslims. She forgave the people.


Musalla kidz - Muslim kids lesson


Zakah is the third pillar of Islam. Zakah is when we give a small portion (2.5%) of our excess wealth to the poor people. This is done annually by Muslims.

If all the Muslims paid their Zakah fully, world poverty would come to an end and everyone would prosper.


Muslim kidz maze, crossword and wordsearch - fun activity


Why was Amina crying?
Why should we think before we act?
Who was Aisha (ra) the daughter of?
What did Aisha (ra)lose?
How much Zakah do we need to give?

Middle Page lessons

We should not talk bad about others
Because we are all sisters & brothers

Think about what you say and do
It’s our Prophet’s advice for you

When angry you should stay cool
Thinking clearly is the golden rule

In life everyone should be friends
and saying sorry will help make amend



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Assalamu-alaykum, you have heard the saying ‘ think before you act’. Well this should be a golden rule in our lives. We should always be careful not to hurt others and should be considerate of their feelings. Being a Muslims is about thinking first before we act and remember Allah is watching.. PP


The Prophet (pbuh) was the greatest of teachers and a teacher for all mankind.


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Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities