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Great masjids throughout the Muslim World - Musalla kidz newsletter for Muslim Children education

Assalamu-alaykum, We have a really cool new kid in our class.

When I went to read Qur’an, there he was - the new kid.

He was really good at reading and knew his Surah so well. I was really surprised because he didn't look like a Muslim to me.

I asked him, “When did you become a Muslim bro?”

He laughed loudly and said, “Man, our people have been Muslims for over 1000 years!”

I was shocked, I didn't realise that there were Chinese Muslims in the world as well.

My new friend continued, “I really like this mosque. We too have a mosque like this. We go to learn Qur’an from our Ustad too! This is like home”

I’m really happy there are kids like us all over the world. One day I might go and meet them all, that’d be an adventure. PP


Since the beginning of time, Allah has set rules for mankind. Whenever humans turn away from these teachings Allah sends his prophets to bring us back to the straight path.

Allah has sent a prophet to every nation. We have learnt from hadith that there have been about 124,000 prophets sent to mankind.

There are no more prophets to come after the prophet Muhammad (pbuh). He was sent for every nation and he is the prophet for the whole of mankind until the last day.

Islam is a religion for the whole of mankind. That is why you will find Muslims throughout the world. Every nation in the world has Muslims and they too love and practice Islam like we do.


The story of our hero Salman begins when he was a youngster. His people were fire worshippers and he too began to follow their traditions. He became the custodian of the fire so had to keep the fire always burning.

Salman was not comfortable with this belief and soon began a journey to find the truth. He first went to a monk and began to watch his worship. He thought that this was better than fire worship. Before long, Salman left his town and headed to Syria which was a centre for this belief.

In Syria, he served under another monk who was in charge of the church. He would observe the prayers and worship as well as look after the elderly gentleman. When the monk passed away, another one took over who too was devoted to worship and prayer. Salman served under a few such holy men.

The monk told Salman about a prophet who was expected in a distant land called Arabia. He taught Salman all about this prophet and what to look for. When Salman met some Arab traders, he spoke to them and they agreed to take him.

The traders had promised to take him to Arabia but tricked him and sold him as a slave to a Jew. The Jew took him to Madina and made him work very hard in the date orchards.

One day, he was working in the hot sun and heard talk of the prophet coming to Madina. Everyone seemed very excited and Salman wondered if this could be the prophet the monk had told him about.

That night Salman went and spoke to the Prophet (pbuh). He took some dates to test him if he was this awaited Prophet. He spoke to him and found he was exactly as the monk had told him. Salman’s long journey had ended and he became a pious and respected Muslim.


Musalla kidz - Muslim kids lesson


Isa (as) was a great Prophet of Allah. He was sent to his people with miracles and told his people to worship only Allah.

We must respect all the prophets of Allah.

It is a grave sin to call any prophet a son of Allah. Allah does not have any sons, daughters or family


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What was the new kid good at?
How many prophets have been sent to mankind?
What did Salman’s parents worship?
Why should we not treat people differently?
Why is it a grave sin to call any prophet a son of Allah?

Middle Page lessons

All Muslims are one big family
Starting from Adam to you & me

Every Muslim is your brother
Even if you have a different mother

A Muslims heart is pure and sound.
Because racism and hate isn't found

To all Muslims who show respect
A reward from Allah you will collect


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Assalamu-alaykum, Allah has made all humans equal. We should never make fun of anyone who is different or looks different from us. We must treat everyone fairly and with kindness. Never think we are better than others and be grateful to Allah. PP


The Prophet (pbuh) was the greatest of teachers and a teacher for all mankind.


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Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities