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Great masjids throughout the Muslim World - Musalla kidz newsletter for Muslim Children education


Last night our dad took us out to eat pizza. We ordered the ‘Sooper dooper family deal’.

As we were eating, Penpal was struggling away with his fork and knife, trying to get the food into his mouth.

I told him, “Stop being daft and just eat with your hands.” He gave me that look, you know the angry ‘big brother look!’ He mumbled, “Someone’s going to see us.”

I told him, “Look around silly, everyone else is eating with their hands.”

Our dad quickly stopped our argument. He said, “Who cares what people think. We eat with our hands
because the Prophet (pbuh) used to eat with his hands.”

You should have seen Penpal change after that. He sat up straight and proudly ate with his hands.


The Qur’an is a guide for the whole of mankind. By following the guidance of the Qur’an we will be successful in this world and in the Hereafter.

It is difficult for every individual to understand the Qur’an so we need help. The Prophet (pbuh) is the best teacher for the Muslims. He is an example of the Qur’an for us because he followed the teachings of the Qur’an throughout his life.

If we try to be like the Prophet (pbuh) we will also be like the Qur’an. We should try to do everything like the Prophet(pbuh) and try to act upon all his Sunnahs.

By practicing the Sunnahs of the Prophet (pbuh) we will be on the guidance of the Qur’an. This will make us successful in this world and the Hereafter.


The Persians were a huge and mighty super-power. They were very rich so their leaders and kings lived in the lap of extreme luxury. They had a very big and strong army so the Persians were both rich and powerful. If fact, they were considered one of the most powerful nations on the Earth.

At the borders where the Muslim lands and the Persians met, there would sometimes be a conflict or disagreement between the people. One day, the Persians invited Hudhaifiah to their town so that they could talk and discuss some issues.

The Persians decided to make a huge feast for their guest and impress him with their wealth and power. They wore their most expensive jewellery and golden crowns on their heads. They wore their most expensive clothes to the meeting with Hudhaifah.

When Hudhaifiah and his friend got there, they spent some time with the leaders of the Persians and they talked at great length. The Persians became impressed with this honourable and respectable guests.

When it was time to eat, they sat at the huge spread of food and started to eat. During the meal, some food fell from Hudhaifiah’s plate and landed on the table cloth. Just as Hudhaifiah was about to pick up the food, his companion nudged him and told him not to because there were such important people around them.

Hudhafiah said “Should I leave the Sunnah of my beloved for these idiots?” Hudhafiah picked up the food, cleaned it and ate it. This was the sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) and he would never leave a single Sunnah for anyone.

We too should follow all the Sunnah’s of the Prophet (pbuh) and follow the Qur’an and Sunnah throughout our lives.


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Until recently, the smallest particle known to man was an atom. It was assumed that it was the most basic particle from which everything else was built.

A verse in the Qur’an mentions that there are particles smaller than atoms. Scientists have only recently accepted this fact to be true.


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What was Penpal struggling with?
Who is the best teacher for the Muslims?
What did Hudhaifiah do when he dropped some food?
What should we be proud to follow?
What fact in the Qur’an has recently been proven?

Middle Page lessons

The Sunnah should never be neglected.
The Sunnah should always be respected

Using the miswak is really good
Especially after eating your food

With the sunnah keep a link.
Read bismillah before you drink

Use your fingers whenever you eat,
Being shy to do so is accepting defeat


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Assalamu-alaykum, Sometimes we may feel embarrassed in following the Sunnah amongst our friends but we should actually be proud to follow the Sunnah. In fact, it is an honour to be able to behave and look like our Prophet (pbuh). He was the best of creation. Penpal


The Prophet (pbuh) would follow Allah’s every command with pride.


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Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities