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Assalamu-alaykum, I dived out of my bed and headed downstairs. This was a well planned operation called ‘Make mum breakfast’.

I quietly tip toed down to the kitchen. The lights were already on.

I quietly went in expecting my Mum to be awake. I was shocked to find Amina making breakfast for my Mum.

There was my operation ‘make Mum’s breakfast’ cancelled.

Amina always wants to be better than me. There she was again beating me at making breakfast for Mum on Mothers Day.

I said to Amina, ”You’re only doing this because its Mothers day.” She said, “No, I do this every Sunday because everyday is Mothers day for me.

I suppose the best way of saying thank you to your Mum is to respect her and look after her! Penpal


You must have heard people say that Muslims are different. One of the things that make Muslims different is that we do not have special days on which we do good deeds.

Another way of thinking is that everyday is a special day for us to do good actions. When we wake up in the morning, we should know in our hearts that we are going to be good. We are going to be nice to everyone no matter who it is. We are also going to be extra good and kind to our mum and dad.

Being a Muslim is not for just one or two days in a year but is for everyday of our life. That’s what makes us so special.

In Islam mother’s day and father’s day is every day. Teacher’s day, brother’s day, sister’s day, children’s day, friend’s day, neighbour’s day… everyone’s day is everyday.


There was a great Sahabi known as Abu Hurairah. This was not his real name but was a title given to him which means ‘father of the kitten’. When he was younger, he would often be seen playing with a kitten and was very fond of cats.

Abu Hurairah was one of the first people from his tribe to accept Islam. However, as many of the people from his tribe began to accept Islam, his mother refused. He would meet his mother many times and would encourage her to accept Islam.

One day he went to meet his mother and again he asked her to accept Islam. She refused and Abu Hurairah went away very disappointed. Our Prophet (pbuh) saw the tears in Abu Hurairah’s eyes and asked him why he was so sad.

Abu Hurairah told our Prophet (pbuh) that his mother refused to accept Islam. Abu Hurairah then asked our Prophet (pbuh) if he would pray for his mother that she accept Islam and become a Muslim.

When Abu Hurairah got home, the door was locked so he waited until he got permission to enter the house. His mother said, “ I declare that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.”

Abu Hurairah was delighted that his mother accepted Islam. Many years later, after our Prophet (pbuh) had passed away, he stayed close to his mother’s house. When ever he would pass his mothers house or enter it, he would always say, “Peace be upon you, O my mother, and the mercy of Allah and His blessings.”

She would reply, “And peace be upon you my son, and Allah’s mercy and his blessings.” Abu Hurairah would say, “May Allah have mercy upon you as you raised me when I was a child.” She would answer, ”May Allah have mercy on you as you were dutiful to me when I became old”

He was respected by the whole Muslim community for his dedication to learning and teaching the people about Islam.

After our Prophet (pbuh) passed away, the leaders would speak to him and ask him for his advise in many matters. He was eeven given many positions of responsibility.

Every morning Abu Hurairah would get up and the first person he would go to meet would be his mother. He would go to her house and would greet her. He would say, “ O m y mother, peace be upon you and may the blessings


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The first country to have lamp posts was Spain when it was under the rule of the Muslims. At that time science and knowledge had been brought to such a high level.

People from all over the world would travel to Spain to study under the great teachers in its many schools and universities.


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What does Abu Hurairah mean?
What did Amina do for her mother?
Why are Muslims different?
How can we repay our parents?
Which country had street lights first?

Middle Page lessons

Every day is like mother’s day
In our duas for mum we pray

In Islam, only goodness you find
You must be truthful, gentle and kind

Be kind to both Mum and Dad,
be good and don’t make them sad

Show your parents loads of respect
And reward from Allah you’ll collect


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Assalamu-alaykum, sometimes we forget how much our parents do for us. How much they have looked after and loved us. We forget how hard they work so that they can provide for us. We forget all the sacrifices and pain they endure for us. Can we ever repay them? PP


The prophet (pbuh) was good to everyone all the time.


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Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities