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Our mosque had a football match yesterday against another local team.

Our team was ready to kick off as we waited for our captain to arrive. He was the best player in our team.

Finally, our captain walked in wearing his Man United football top and shorts.

Our teacher saw him and called him over. He asked, ”Did I not explain to you that you cannot wear football shorts in Islam?” He continued, ”Your shorts have to cover your knees.”

Our teacher said “You can’t play today because you are supposed to be representing Islam!”

Our team was shocked. How can we play without our best player? I suppose it was his own fault. He let himself down and the team down.

It wasn't all bad, I scored two goals! PP


The clothes we wear must be modest and must cover our bodies. The clothes should not be too tight or revealing and should always be kept clean.

For the boys, clothes should at least cover the area from the bellybutton to below the knees. The clothes should be baggy and not tight. The clothes of the boys should not be like girls’ clothes. Men can not wear silk clothes or wear gold.

For Women, the clothes should also be loose and cover the whole body. The hands and feet don't need to be covered. The head and hair should also be covered. Some women prefer to wear a niqab (veil) that covers the face. The niqab is also emphasised by many scholars.


After the Prophet (pbuh) had passed away, Islam continued to spread very quickly throughout most of Arabia and into many other countries. Umar bin Khattab became the second leader of this vast Muslim empire after Abu Bakr.

Many people in different countries were accepting Islam. There were many thousands of new Muslims. Once the Muslims had come all the way to Jerusalem and were camping outside the city.

As the Muslims camped, there was a group of Christian leaders who were talking amongst themselves. They wanted the city to remain a place of peace and thought it would be best if the Muslims ran the city. Their condition was that they would be able to practice their religion without any interference from anyone.

The Muslims immediately agreed but the Christian leaders wanted a guarantee from the Muslim leader, who was Umar. The message was sent to Umar and he immediately set off from Madina.

As Umar came close to the city, everyone was excited to see this great leader of such a huge and powerful empire. They thought he would be covered in gold with a huge crown encrusted with jewels. They also thought that he would be accompanied by hundreds of soldiers and people to look after him.

When Umar reached the gates, they were surprised to see only two people—Umar and his guide. They looked at these two simple people with simple clothes. They were even more surprised to find that Umar arrived walking whilst his guide was on the donkey.

Even though Umar was so great he remained simple with simple clothes and without any such gold decoration.


Musalla kidz - Muslim kids lesson


The Qur’an tells us about the story of Musa (as). It tells us how the Pharaoh drowned as he chased Musa and his people through the sea.

The Qur'an also tells us that Allah preserved the Pharaoh's body as an example to the people. The Pharaoh’s body can be seen in Cairo Museum.


Muslim kidz maze, crossword and wordsearch - fun activity


Why was the captain not allowed to play?

How much of your body must be covered?

What can’t boys wear?

Who was travelling with Umar?

What happened to the Pharaoh?

Middle Page lessons

If you are going to play sports
Make sure you wear long shorts.

Okay boys! You’ve been told -
Never wear silk,never wear gold.

We all know that its not right
When our clothes are skin tight.

Girls wearing a scarf is a must,
This is advice that we should trust.


musalla kidz competition
mission possible

Assalamu-alaykum, we face many tests during our lives and we too must pass these tests. For example, when it’s time for salah, sometimes the shaytan makes us feel lazy. We must chase the shaytan away by making wudhu and reading salah. This is also a test from Allah. PP


The Prophet (pbuh) loved the youngsters and was respectful to the elders.


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Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities