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Great masjids throughout the Muslim World - Musalla kidz newsletter for Muslim Children education

 Assalamu-alaykum,everyone and welcome back!

Its been a tough week for our family. The company that my dad worked for closed down and he lost his job.

We were so worried and didn't know what would happen. Amina was saying that we might not even get any toys or Eid presents  this year!

When my dad came home he said, “Don’t worry Allah will provide; just like he provided the first job for me.”

Deep down I knew my dad was right but I couldn't help thinking about the poor people in the world. What if the same thing happened to us?

Alhamdu-lillah, my dad got another job which is better and much closer to home.

He now picks us up after school and even drops us off at the mosque. All thanks to Allah.      Penpal



Allah has given people many blessings such as health and wealth. Allah gives some people more and others less. Through these blessings Allah tests us to see how we behave and how grateful we are.

Allah often takes a blessing away from us which then becomes a big trial for us. We should continue to be patient and make dua to Allah. We should remain grateful to Allah for all His other blessings.

If we have patience and turn to Allah, He will reward us immensely and give us Jannah in return.

Difficult times are a test from Allah and it is important that we pass these tests. We should remain patient and the situation will improve, Insha’Allah. We learn this from the Qur’an and there are many examples of this in the Ahadith.


There was peace throughout Madina after long last. Previously, there had been problems from different communities within Madina. The Muslims had also suffered many attacks from the Makkans and other Arabs.

However, the peace was short lived as the non-believers made secret preparations for a final battle against the Muslims. Tribes from all over Arabia were ready to march to Madina. The details of this battle were kept secret so that the Muslims could not make any preparations to defend Madina.

Before long,  many armies were marching to Madina from all over Arabia. This news reached the Prophet (pbuh) who called an emergency meeting to plan a defence against this huge army of non-Muslims. During the meeting, Salman Farsi suggested that a trench be dug so that the enemy could not enter Madina.

Immediately the Muslims started work and managed to complete the trench just in time before the non-Muslims arrived. The Muslims worked very hard and worked long hours without any rest. The Muslims then defended their position from days of non-stop attacks by the huge non-Muslim army.

After many days of fighting, the Muslims were utterly exhausted and were running short of food and other supplies. Then the hypocrites left the Muslim army leaving the Muslim army’s position even weaker. Thereafter, Bani Quraizah, who lived in Madina, joined the non-Muslims and offered them easy access to Madina.

Things were very difficult for the Muslims who were facing so many hardships. This was a very big test from Allah. The Muslims remained patient and continued to work hard. Allah finally gave the Muslims victory and the armies left.


Musalla kidz - Muslim kids lesson


A Muslim must believe in Allah and follow the guidance that Allah has sent. A Muslim believes that Allah is One (Tawheed) and Muhammad (pbuh) is His final messenger.

Any person who has this belief in his heart and follows this guidance throughout his life will be successful in this life and the next.

Muslim kidz maze, crossword and wordsearch - fun activity

What happened to Penpal’s dad?
What should we do in tough times?
How did the Muslims defend Madina?
What does a Muslim believe?
Write a rhyme about having patience?

Middle Page lessons

Your best gifts are youth and health
Look after these, your greatest wealth

Having a tough time at home or school
Speak to your parents is the rule

Allah will look after our needs
so don't stop doing good deeds

When things get tough or bad
Have patience and don't feel sad


musalla kidz competition

Assalamu-alaykum, the battle of the trench is a big lesson. Allah tested the Muslims so much and because they remained patient and continued to follow Islam, they were successful. When we have difficulties we too must turn to Allah and remain patient. Penpal


The Prophet (pbuh) prayed to Allah whenever difficult times came.


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Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities