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 Assalamu-alaykum, friends, how are you this week?

Amina has not been talking to me for the last two days. I feel really bad about it because it was my fault—well some of it.

I had bought some juice for my packed lunch but when I went to pack my bag, the juice was missing.I asked Amina about it  and she told me that she drank it. I was really angry so I shouted at her and called her a thief! I got so angry at her that she started crying. I was so mad I  even told my mum.

My mum simply told me to buy some on the way to school. When I calmed down I realised that I had made a big mistake by shouting at Amina.When angry, it is easy to over react, this is why we should learn to control our anger or we might regret it later.    PENPAL


The Prophet (pbuh) never used to get angry and always used to teach others not to get angry.The Prophet (pbuh) said a strong person is not he who can over power others but is that person who can control his anger.

When a person is angry he might do all sorts of things which he might regret afterwards. He might do something which is unjust or even wrong because of his anger.

When a situation arises which displeases you, you should think with a cool head. You should wait until you have calmed down before taking any actions. Remember the Shaytan wants you to act when you are angry but this is not the way of Islam.


Then the Prophet (pbuh) was in Madina many people would come to him for advice or ask his opinion on certain matters. Many tribes would send delegations to speak to the Prophet (pbuh) about Islam. Some would come to test the prophet to find out if he was really a true prophet.

Once a Christian delegation came to the Prophet (pbuh) to ask him about Islam. They spent three days in the Prophet’s mosque observing the Muslims and also asking him questions.

Many people would accept Islam after spending some time with the Prophet (pbuh) or after he had answered their questions. They realised that he was a true prophet and accepted Islam.

Once a man called Rukhana came to see the prophet (pbuh). He was a champion wrestler who had an unusual challenge for the Prophet (pbuh). He said that if Muhammad (pbuh) could beat me in a wrestling match, he would accept Islam.

Rukhana knew in his heart that he was the best wrestler in Arabia and no one had ever beaten him in wrestling before. He was the undisputed champion of Arabia.

The Prophet (pbuh) accepted his challenge and they began their wrestling match. However, very quickly the Prophet (pbuh) over powered Rukhana and threw him to the ground. Rukhana was very angry and demanded a re-match. The Prophet (pbuh) agreed and beat him again, throwing him to the ground.

Rukhana yet again demanded a re-match and for the third time the prophet (pbuh) threw him to the ground. This time Rukhana knew this was a miracle and that Muhammad (pbuh) was a true messenger. Rukhana accepted Islam and became a good and pious Muslim.


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Ibn Sina was a great Scholar of Islam but one aspect he excelled in was in Medicine—so much so that he is referred to as ‘the father of Medicine’.

His knowledge was so advanced that he wrote about 270 books about medicine and pharmacology. The Europeans used his books and methods for teaching medicine for over 600 years after him.

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What type of person is strong?
Why should we control our anger?
Who won the wrestling match?
Why was Amina crying?
Who was Ibn Sina?

MISSION POSSIBLE: Lets get into the habit of controlling our anger by next issue.


Assalamu-alaykum, anyone can be angry and shout at other people — especially if their victim is younger or weaker than them. However, a brave person is he who can control his anger and always be just in his words and actions. This is part of being a Muslim. PP


The prophet was just in his words and actions.


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Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities