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 Assalamu-alaykum, Aw! What pain I was in last night.

I don't know if you have ever had the dreaded toothache. It was so painful that I was crying but don't tell anyone!

My mum always used to tell me I eat too many sweets. I mean it's not my fault they taste so good!

Before I told my mum about my toothache, I could already hear her saying, "I told you so but you never listen do you!"

I felt much better after my mum gave me some medicine and the pain went away.

Today is the other bad thing about toothache, going to see the dentist. He gives the same advise, eat less junk food and clean my teeth regularly.

I'm going to stop taking sweets and fizzy juice to school. I'm going to take an apple with me instead, just like Amina does.



Our body has been given to us as a trust from Allah. This means that Allah has given us this body and has made us responsible for looking after it.

Only good and healthy food should go into our bodies. We must avoid eating too much junk food and should have a balanced diet. The food and drink we eat must be Halal. If we are not sure if something is Halal, we should ask someone who knows or avoid that food altogether.

We should take regular exercise and not be lazy. Exercise keeps the body and mind healthy and fit. This is from the sunnah (example) of the prophet.

Also remember that smoking goes against Islamic teachings and taking drugs and other forms of intoxicants is Haram.


The Muslims were suffering many hardships in Makkah at the hands of the unbelievers. They were tortured and forced to leave Makkah and migrate to Madina.

When they arrived in Madina, they were welcomed by the Muslims of Madina. They were delighted to have their beloved Prophet (pbuh) and their brothers from Makkah living with them.

The Muslims had left everything behind and were very poor. The Prophet (pbuh) decided to form a brotherhood between the Makkan Muslims (Muhajiroon) and the Muslims of Madina (Ansars). Amongst them was Salmaan who was paired with Abu Darda.

One day Salmaan visited Abu Darda and found that Abu Darda's wife was dressed in shabby clothing. He asked her about her clothes and she replied that Abu Darda had no love for the luxuries of this life.

When Abu Darda came, Salmaan asked him to eat with him. Abu Darda replied that he was fasting but Salmaan still insisted, saying that I will not eat until you have eaten. They both ate food together.

At the early part of the night, Abu Darda got up to pray but Salmaan forced him to sleep. In the late part of the night, both brothers got up and prayed Tahajjud salah together.

Salmaan later explained to him that your Lord has a right over you, your body has a right over you and your family have a right over you. You need to give each its right (you need to have a balanced life without too much of one thing).


Musalla kidz - Muslim kids lesson


Islam is not just a religion but is actually a way of life. Islam has taught us how to live our lives according to Allah's will.

Whoever takes this advice and lives their life according to Islamic principles, Allah will reward him with the ultimate reward - Paradise. In Paradise we will live for ever and ever.

Muslim kidz maze, crossword and wordsearch - fun activity

What changes is Penpal going to make to his diet?
What is the ultimate reward?
What does it mean by moderation?
What trust has Allah given to humans?
Who were the Ansar?

HOMEWORK: Cut out all the junk food until next time and remember to thank Allah for the food you eat.

Your best gifts are youth and health ----- Look after these your greatest wealth
About the poor and hungry be aware----- So do not waste but learn to share
In your life you need co-ordination -----So do things in moderation
If you want to be a healthy dude ---- Stay away from all junk food


Assalamu-alaykum, sometimes we don't appreciate what a great blessing food is. Often we might not even finish the food that is on our plate and end up throwing it out. We should not waste any food and must thank Allah for the food he has provided for us. PP


The prophet (pbuh) did everything in moderation and never went to extremes in any matter.


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Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities