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 Assalamu-alaykum, I'm in my football teams bad books!

We had a big match yesterday against one of our rivals. I had a brilliant game.

Everyone was telling me how great I was. I was in my favourite position-defence. No one could get past me. I lost count of how many goals I stopped.

It was a very close game. The score was 1-1 and there were only a couple of minutes left. We tried extra hard to score and all the players went forward apart from me.

Just then they had a counter attack and I was the only defender back. I got the ball off the striker and cleared it. The striker dived and was given a penalty. He scored and won the match.

It was such an unfair decision and I was gutted. My whole team blamed me. Now I know how it feels when something is unjust. PP


Islam has taught us to be fair in all aspects of our life. We should always try to do and say the right thing. Sometimes we might feel that we lose out if we do the right thing but we actually gain much reward from Allah for it.

Being fair is a noble action and is given a very high status in Islam. The prophet (pbuh) was always just and fair. He always made the right decision and encouraged all the Muslims to be fair.

Even when the Muslims did business they were fair and when people saw this they also became Muslims. Muslims know that if they are unfair, Allah will ask them about this on the day of Judgement.

If we are fair then there will be peace in the community.


The time before Islam was known as the days of ignorance. The Arabs would behave very badly and did many unjust and evil things. There would be many wars between the different tribes and many innocent people were killed or injured.

When Muhammad (pbuh) was made into a prophet and sent to the people, the Arabs began to change. They changed from being the worst example of good behaviour to being the best example of good behaviour. They began to worship only Allah and leave all their evil habits behind.

There was peace and justice throughout the lands as more and more people became practicing Muslims. Everyone lived in harmony and were very happy.

Once a noble women from the tribe of Makhzum was caught stealing. Her tribe were very powerful and well respected in Makkah. They did not want this women to get punished for her crime so decided to speak to a close companion of the Prophet (pbuh) for help.

They asked Usamah bin Zaid to speak to the Prophet (pbuh) so that the punishment could be averted. The Prophet (pbuh) replied that previous generations of people were ruined because the noble people were not punished for a crime while the poor people were. Even if Fatima, Prophet Muhammad's beloved daughter, committed the crime, she would also be punished like everyone else.

The laws have to be applied justly and evenly to all people. If someone is very powerful or rich does not mean that they are above the law. The Prophet (pbuh) was just and commanded us to be just as well.


Musalla kidz - Muslim kids lesson


Umar bin Abdul Aziz was a pious and just ruler. He became the leader when there were many injustices in the Muslim world. However, because he was so just and fair in his dealing, Allah brought peace throughout the world.

Many became Muslim during his rein. Muslims and non-Muslims still love and respect him today.

Muslim kidz maze, crossword and wordsearch - fun activity

Who won the football match?
Why did people become Muslims?
Who was Umar bin Abdul Aziz?
What's your favourite rhyme ?* (top of middle pages)
Who is Fatima?

MISSION POSSIBLE: Until next time, make sure you always deal with people justly and respectfully.

Cheating is something you must not choose Because Shaytan will win and you will lose When you play do not cheat, As this would be the real defeat.
Only that person can be trusted Who treats others with real justice.
When you play always be just, Following this advice is a must.


Assalamu-alaykum, sometimes decisions are made that are unfair. In those times we must have patience and should not act unfairly ourselves. Just like we don't like it when people are unfair against us; others wont like it if we are unfair against them. PP


The Prophet was sent as a mercy to all mankind


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Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities
Musalla Kids Muslim newsletter - Islamic topics for children and activities