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This is our super-dooper newsletter. By 'our' I mean me (Penpal) and about 2000 of my Muslim friends throughout Scotland. I better not forget my wee sister Amina, you know what girls are like, she helps me write some of the issues too.

If you want to receive this newsletter at your mosque or school then drop me an email or type all the information into the form below. I will send my new friends some copies, insha-Allah.

Look out for the new issue every two weeks .

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Musalla As-Salaam
97 whins road
FK10 3RF
Tel: 01259 724 623

The Musalla Kidz is a newsletter written and distributed throughout Scotland. The materials in the newsletters are checked by Alims to ensure that the contents are as authentic as possible. Apart from the Alims, the team includes a large number of dedicated volunteers in Masjids, Madrassahs, Community groups and Islamic Schools throughout Scotland. It is through their efforts and duas that this newsletter can reach so many children. May Allah reward them abundantly for their efforts in promoting His deen.

The newsletter is a great means of teaching children. It can be used as a text for teaching which can help supplement existing lessons. There are regular competitions, insha-Allah, the first one in issue five. Please take advantage of this resource and use this as a teaching aid.

We are all human and errors can be made in the publication. All mistakes and all feedback is appreciated.