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This is a guided tour of the Falkirk Islamic Centre. This is one of the local mosques for the Muslims of Falkirkshire. The centre includes a main prayer room; wudhu area and toilets; a study room for children and adults as well as a kitchen and Imam's room.

Click on any of the images to enlarge and view description.

Prayer Hall with green  Mimbar Personal Study Area View of prayerhall and Mimbar when entering the Mosque
View of mosque from Personal Study Area Falkirk Islamic Centre - Main entrance Entrance to Wudhu Area
The Wudhu area The Wudhu Area The Imam's Musalla
Entrance to main study room Boys side of the Study Room Kids eye view of study room
Quran Cupboard Study room - girls side Prayer times for the five prayers and  Jummah
The Kalimah decoration made of wood