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Welcome to the Central Scotland Islamic Centre's Open Day 2006. Following last years Open Day, we are proud to announce the Islamic Centre's second open day which is organized by the Muslim community in conjunction with Stirling Heritage.

The open day provides a great opportunity for everyone to come into the Islamic centre and have a look around at their own leisure. They can join in one of the many guided tours and learn a little about the different functions and services offered by the centre to the whole community.

You can also listen to the short lectures in the tour which explain the basics of Islam faith with the opportunity to ask questions. In the community hall, there are a number of stalls and an exhibition about Islam and Muslims. There is the usual Islamic clothes stall where you can try the clothes from different parts of the Muslim world. There is also a book stall where books about Islam can be purchased although there is a large number of free leaflets available as well.

The Community hall also has a seated rest area where people can sit and chat with each other or chat with members of the Muslim community. There is a Halal food stall where food can be sampled from different parts of the Muslim world.

Most importantly, the open day provides an opportunity to mix and chat with the Muslim community and get an insight into their lives and beliefs. Its an opportunity for us all to forge bonds of friendship and respect within the many different communities of Central Scotland.

Last year's Open day (August 2005)
Open Weekend (August 2004)

This is an open invitation so please pass on to all your friends, family and colleagues.

Stirling Mosque open day - Central Scotland Islamic Centre