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Telling the truth is extremely important. In fact, itís a very important quality in Islam that no good Muslim should be without. - - Telling lies is a big sin. Allah puts a black ...
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My story: big trouble

Assalamu-alaykum, everyone.

Ooh! Amina got in big trouble last week. She was being a big fibber and my Mum got really cross.

My mum's friend came for another visit from England. Her son Ahmed was really happy to see us.

My mum's friend was telling us how well Ahmed was doing in school. He was getting smiley faces almost everyday.

I saw Amina burning inside. She was getting really jealous.

All of a sudden Amina rudely interrupted. She said, "Well, in my class everyone gets smiley faces. My teacher says we are the best class in the world. She even says I am better than the rest of my class, so there!"

My mum gave Amina the stare-you know the really angry look. Straight away Amina said, "I'm only joking." Penpal

lesson: truthful forever

Telling the truth is extremely important. In fact, it's a very important quality in Islam that no good Muslim should be without.

Telling lies is a big sin. Allah puts a black spot on our hearts for every sin we commit. Imagine all the lies we have told and how many black dots we will have!

The Sahabah were the best of people and they always told the truth. Allah tells us in the Qur'an that he has blessed those who tell the truth. The Prophet was given the title of as-Siddique (the truthful) because he always told the truth.

Allah promises us that all good Muslims will be entered into Jannah forever and ever. So ask Allah for forgiveness and promise yourself that you will always speak the truth.

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story: the bandit

Baghdad was a great centre of Islamic study where many great teachers would educate the Muslims. People would travel from all over the world to learn at the feet of these great people. Every parent had the desire to send their children there.

One such youngster was Abdul Qadir Jailani whose parents wanted him to study in Baghdad. His mother made him some food for the long journey to Baghdad and sewed some money into his coat so that no-one would find it. Before he left for his studies, she gave him some advice that he must always tell the truth.

As the young boy travelled, he was stopped by some bandits. They wanted to rob him so they searched him looking for money. After they checked everything, one of them asked him, "Do you have any money?" The boy did not want to lie to him so he said, "Yes."

The bandits then took all his belongings and searched him properly. Again they found nothing and became very angry. They asked him again if he had any money with him and again he replied, "Yes". The bandits thought that they probably had missed it and thoroughly checked him and his things once again.

They again found nothing so they took him to their leader. After hearing the story from the bandits, their leader asked the little boy, "Do you have money?" The boy again said, "Yes". The leader of the bandits said, "Where is the money?" The boy showed him the money which had been sewn into his jacket.

The bandit boss asked the boy, "Why didn't you lie to me? You could have got away with it." The boy replied, "My mum told me that I should always tell the truth so I couldn't lie to you." The leader said, "Your mother told you to do one thing and you did it. Allah has commanded me to do so many things and I haven't even completed one of his commands." The boss changed his life from then.

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did you know

Until recently, the smallest particle known to man was an atom. It was assumed that it was the most basic particle from which everything else was built.

A verse in the Qur'an mentions that there are particles smaller than atoms. Scientists have only recently accepted this fact to be true.


Just a few quick Questions from this Musalla kidz newsletter. All answers are in this issue so start searching!

Why did Amina get 'the stare'?

What does Allah promise good Muslims?

Why was the boy going to Baghdad?

What is Penpal a blackbelt in?

Why should you always tell the truth?

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Penpal reflects

Assalamu-alaykum, as you know I'm a blackbelt at telling the truth. The fact is that all Muslims have to be blackbelts as well. You too need to start the training by only speaking the truth. Telling lies is for wimps and they get left behind. Make sure you keep up. Penpal

Get in the habit of telling the truth,
Whilst you are still in your youth.

Tell the truth, don't be a liar
Or Allah may throw you in the fire

Muslims are cool because we don't lie;
From the moment we're born until we die.

If you want good advice to trust
Always be truthful Always be just

footsteps: follow the sunnah

The Prophet (pbuh) always spoke the truth, even when he joked.

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