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The Prophet (pbuh) is the best role model and example for all mankind. As the Qur’an says, he had the best character. We are encouraged to follow his Sunnah (example) and to be mor...
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My story: Thinking about others

Assalamu-alaykum, Welcome back everyone.

We had a big 'Eid Party' at my house. Well it wasn't really a party but a few of my friends got together. We played football and tag. We had a great time.

My mum brought some biscuits and juice out for us to share. It was delicious, especially since we had been running around so much.

One of my friends went to the toilet but by the time he returned all the juice and biscuits were finished. We felt really bad about it but he said, "Don't worry, its cool!"

I knew it was wrong so I shared my juice and biscuits with him. He was really happy. My mum saw this and gave me a hug and a big kiss but don't tell anyone. It's great being a good Muslim and making people happy! PP

lesson: Sharing

The Prophet (pbuh) is the best role model and example for all mankind. As the Qur'an says, he had the best character. We are encouraged to follow his Sunnah (example) and to be more like him in all our qualities and actions.

The Prophet (pbuh) was never self-centred and always thought about other people. He would think about all of humanity, including the future generations that would come.

He was never selfish and this quality was passed onto the Sahabah. There are many stories where the Sahabah were prepared to give up their things for others. They would be happy to share whatever little Allah had blessed them with.

The Sahabah would help feed the hungry, even if they themselves had very little food or money.

needing to share

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story: Justice

Umar bin Khattab became the Khalifah after Abu Bakr. He was known for being just and dealing with people justly, whether they were Muslims or non-Muslims.

The Muslim empire had grown vastly in a short time and has spread throughout the lands. The duty fell upon the Muslim leaders to make sure that the rights and well-being of the people were respected. Umar would try extra hard because he knew that he would need to answer to Allah if he didn't look after the people properly.

Some nights, Umar would wander around the streets to make sure that everyone was happy and there were no problems in his city. He would make sure that no one was left hungry because of him.

One day, as he was patrolling the streets, he heard a woman who was complaining about Umar. Her children were hungry and were crying because of this. Umar was very worried about this as it was his job to make sure than no one was left hungry.

He rushed to the government funds and put a sack of flour and other provisions on his back and carried it to the woman. He cooked the food with his own hands and fed all her children, as the woman watched with surprise.

When the children had eaten and went to sleep, Umar asked the women if there was any other problems. She replied that she was very happy and asked, "Who are you?" Umar replied that I am the same Umar you had been unhappy with earlier today. She thanked Umar for his kindness and made dua for him.

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did you know

Eighty six percent of the wealth of this world is consumed by twenty percent of the people.

This imbalance means that many people are dying of hunger whilst many others are dying of eating too much. If everyone became less selfish, there would be enough food for everyone


Just a few quick Questions from this Musalla kidz newsletter. All answers are in this issue so start searching!

How did Penpal realise he did wrong?

Who has the best character?

Who was Umar?

How did the woman become happy?

What are people dying of?

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Penpal reflects

Assalamu-alaykum, 'selflessness' is a big word and behind it is an even bigger idea. For example, we never think about our parents who work so hard and look after us. They sacrifice so much for us so we should sacrifice some time by looking after them. PP

If you show people self-less-ness
People will begin to show-you-trust

If with goodness - you want a link
About other people - we should think

Stretch you Iman even further
Show consideration for your brother

A good Muslim is always fair,
A good Muslim must always share

footsteps: follow the sunnah

The Prophet (pbuh) had the best character. Both Muslims and non-Muslims say this..

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