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Musalla.org: Musalla is a place of worship, study and prayer. The Musalla website is home page for Muslims of Central Scotland and West Lothian. It provides a list of services and facilities that are provided by the Centres. It also gives some information about Islam and about local events in our areas.There are also contact details for the centres. There is quite an extensive collection of Islamic teachings on the site available for use.

Centres: There are a number of centres (i.e. the Masjids, Mosques, Musallas or Islamic centres) in our locality. Other than the Musalla As-Salaam in Alloa, there are Stirling Mosque (Central Region Islamic Centre); Falkirk Mosque (Falkirk Islamic centre) and Bathgate Islamic Centre (Sarajia Islamic Studies). Relevant information about all these centres is provided.

Find out More: Take the virtual tour of the centres by clicking on Visits or learn about their History and about the services and facilities they offer to the community. If you cant find the information you are looking for then get in touch with any of the centres.

Muslims are individuals who believe in Allah and in his Last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Muslims follow the teaching of this noble prophet as laid down in the Quran - the Muslim religious scripture - and in the sunnah (examples) of the prophet.

A Muslims chooses to follow the guidance given to him or her from Allah (God Almighty)

There is an estimated 1.4 billion Muslims in the world today.