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All the centres are available to the general public to visit. For those who want to click their way through a tour from the comforts of their chair, we present a virtual tour. Just click on one of the buttons below.

All Masjid or Mosques are places of worship and study. This stands true from the time of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) until today.

All these centres are orientated towards meeting the spiritual needs of the whole community. They are functional rather than a showpiece and are used extensively by the whole community.

Islam teaches us the etiquettes of the Masjid. Islam teaches us that we as Muslims should respect the sanctity of the Masjid and keep all worldly affairs to outside the Masjid. We should not talk loudly, so as to disturb others who may be engaged in Zikr or Worship. We should try and wear clean and modest clothes. On Jumma, for example, it is a sunnah to have a bath and wear attar (perfume) when attending the Majid.

Unlike traditional places of worship, Masjids throughout History have also acted as a place of meeting and discussion. They almost falls into the category of a town hall. Whole empires were run through centres similar to these.

However, the primary role of a place of worship is retained by the five daily prayers and religious instruction which is still the heart and soul of the Masjid. Every Masjid hold five daily prayers as well as classes for adults and children alike. Even religious instruction is deemed a high ranking act of worship.

Also see history for further information and backgrounds of Stirling, Bathgate, Alloa and Falkirk centres.

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