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right edge

As I lay waiting in my dark lonely grave
I realise to stupidity I had been a slave.
In this horrid emptiness, I begin to reflect
on the life and chances which I wrecked.

The hungry and homeless I turned away
and for the oppressed and needy I didn't pray.
The cries of the orphans I ignored
and instead my money I did hoard.

The preachers of Islam I did ridicule
chasing them away and called them a fool.
I would open the door with a heart like a rock
and will evil words them I would mock.

Ramadan came and Ramadan went
but I did not use this chance to repent.
Time for Prayers I did not spare.
Time for prayers I did not care.

Instead I devoted my time watching TV
the Shaytan laughing at us is all I see.
Beware the complex web he weaves
with it so many people he deceives.

Often Islam knocked on my hearts door
and its truth I felt but always did ignore.
To the message of truth I lent not an ear
-if only in Allah I then had Fear.

Gambling, drinking and the opposite gender
drugs, music and parties is all I remember.
To the bright lights of this world I was hooked
and deep into sin and disbelief I was sucked.

Whenever I think about it, my heart still fumes
my whole life usury and haram I consumed.
This devils handiwork corrupted my mind
and to my purpose in life it made me blind.

Fame, money and our nafs are our foes
I spent my life chased these shadows.
The world's attractions do utterly mesmerise
but the fantasy it paints is all but lies.

My whole life has now passed me by
and all I have left is many tears to cry.
because you hear this you still have time,
these precious seconds I wish were mine.

Use them wisely as they run out fast,
use them wisely and make them last,
My abode forever is most certainly Hell
unless Allah forgives me only time will tell.

I hold great hope in the most Merciful One
and still shed many tears for the days gone.
What I would give for one more life
in Allah's path day and night I would strive.

Glorifying Allah and praying night and day
and inside my heart Islam will forever stay.
I would be the preacher knocking on doors
and asking people to follow Allah's laws.

Preparing for the Day when you will account
If successful we'll drink from Al-Kauther the fount
You certainly will die and end up in the grave
and hopefully from Hell your deeds will save.

The most important thing is you still have time
use it wisely and reflect deeply on this rhyme
When the Angel of death pays you a call
the precious last second of your life will fall.

He will instanly whisk your soul away
and thats Game Over until the Judgement Day

When the last precious drops of time evaporate from our life then we will know the narrator of this poem

Zahid bin Ghulam