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right edge

Arabia is the location of this rhyme,
long ago, before our prophets time.
It was a very harsh and barren land,
surrounded by vast oceans of sand.

The Arab society, lacked law and order
and was infested with chaos and disorder.
All the Arabs did was quarrel and fight.
Few were educated, a handful could write.

The strong and ruthless ruled the tribes,
consisting mainly of corruption and bribes.
Much blood was spilt in many a feud,
and their fighting was unjust and crude.

They fought over the smallest thing
and death and mourning, this would bring.
These tribal feuds, for years would last
and deep into misery, the society was cast.

Every vice and evil, they staunchly followed
In their depravity, like animals they wallowed
Chasing every desires, alcohol they drank.
To the depth of corruption, they now sank.

Rights and dignity they didn't respect,
to call them barbaric would be correct.
Their treatment of orphans was inhumane,
cause them suffering and so much pain.

The women's status was considered low.
Not a shred of respect, did they ever show.
It is evident enough that evil did thrive,
when newborn daughters were buried alive.

They worshipped gods made of stone
Others made of wood, feathers or bone
Some worships trees, stars or the sun
And the belief in one god, they did shun

Every civilization had passed them by
To conquer them, no nation would try
To them the Arabs were a lost cause
A society riddled with evil and flaws

In total ignorance, the Arabs thus dwelled
and against Allah, they continually rebelled
To truth and knowledge, they were blind
and this rang true, for the rest of mankind

It was from Arabia, the truth shone bright
The words of Allah, an illuminating light
It came in the form of the Holy Quran.
Guidance from Allah - the Lord of man.

Allah selected Muhammad, a pure soul.
Entrusting him this mission, a noble goal.
To teach the people about wrong and right
And he carried this mission without respite

The Quran his shield, the truth his sword
Fighting evil, for the pleasure of his Lord
He removed all ignorance, from their heart
and from the evil path, they did depart.

Over twenty-three years, this mission did last
And the empire of Islam became so vast
They became the example of justice and peace
And this message continued, never to cease

Every word of the prophet, they obeyed
And from the path, they never strayed
Every evil and injustice they had shunned
What a transformation! The world was stunned

Idol worship finished, they prayed to God
The path of piety, they now trod
United as brothers, racism was dead
The burden of superstition, they also shed

All forms of injustice was now despised
As a people of learning, they were recognised
Whenever a conflict, to the Quran they turned
Tolerance and justice, they had learned

The divine message spread like wildfire
Millions became part of this spiritual empire,
and heros and scholars were given birth,
from different nations, throughout the Earth

For all their vices, the Quran was a cure
And many a soul, this message would lure
Guarded from changes, the message was pure
Until the last day, this promise will endure

The truth was made evident in their deeds
A medicine that the world still needs
The original message is with us even today
So lets turn to Islam and for guidance pray

Zahid Ghulam Rasul