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right edge


An out of control stranger is living my life!
This rampaging monster is causing havoc and strife.
It is driven by passive whims and desires
and from these relentless pursuits it never retires.

It's like an addiction, compelling and strong,
bulldozing and destroying as it lumbers along.s
Its actions and existence are riddled with flaws.
I can no longer fight; I've abandoned the cause.

I was once in control and acted with sense
but the lifestyle is overpowering and so immense.
I've seen myself departing from all that's correct
and no more goodness or kindness do I detect.

My senses are sedated and my energy depleted.
My resistance against this evil is all but defeated.
Reasoning and logic no longer have a say;
my morals and goodness have gone into decay.

Where did I go wrong, what happened to my life?
Why is everything balanced on the edge of a knife?
My life flashes before me and swirls in my mind.
A jumble of chaos and sadness, which can't be defined.

Reflecting on my past life, I begin to weep:
- to the corruption around me, I had been asleep
The tears of regret become cries of despair,
I had everything to live for; it's just not fair.

I had the love of my parents, a life of bliss
so much love and warmth, which I really miss.
I was young and reckless but intelligent and bright.
Suddenly I'm worthless garbage, that can't be right!

It was peer pressure from my so-called friends.
It is a part of growing up. or so it pretends.
I did silly things because I wanted to fit in.
I was soon off the rails, in a chaotic spin.

I wanted people to respect me, to think I was cool.
These were my first steps; I had been a fool.
My clothes, walk and thoughts became altered
and from the right path, very soon I faltered.

I acted like a gangster, so cool and tough.
Rebelling and strutting around, I'd huff and puff
I started bending the rules to get my kicks
- a bit of fooling around then this habit sticks

This was the door that shouldn't have been unlocked
and through this door, my whole life was rocked.
These were my first steps that guided me to ruin.
It buried me in despair and drowned me in sin..

All avenues were closed, all my bridges I saw burn
All friends I pushed away, so to whom do I turn?
I don't have my parent's love to lead me by the hand
and on my own two feet I am unable to stand.

I have so much remorse; my life was hijacked
because common sense and understanding I had lacked
Everyone warned me and told me to take heed,
hasten back to the right path at my fastest speed.

I should have listened to the advise of my friends.
I should have grasped those chances and made amends.
I thought they were wrong and did not understand.
I thought I knew better, I had the upper hand.

I wasn't the first fool and I won't be the last
After the first step, I was dragged in fast.
It offers illusions of enjoyment and pleasure,
It acted as my friend and took my greatest treasure.

A shimmer of hope gleamed from deep within.
It empowered my soul and crumbled the sin
With every shred of energy I hauled myself out
All credit is to God, without any doubt.

So stick to the right path that was ordained from above
A path of kindness and piety, of happiness and love
Only this can lead to both peace and success
And saved everyone from heartache and distress.

Zahid bin Ghulam Rasool