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right edge


Allah made the angels out of heavenly light
created for His service, to do what’s right.
Whatever Allah commands, they must obey
and from these duties they never stray.

Unlike Humans, they cannot choose
so when Allah commands, they can not refuse.
They are the dedicated servants of our Lord.
They wont do anything on their own accord.

Some angels are told to worship and pray
and they follow these commands night and day.
Some performing Sajda and others in Ruku
From the moment of creation this is all they do.

Every angel has tasks that Allah has assigned.
Some are commanded to serve mankind.
Some provide sustenance from hunger and thirst.
Others are with us from the moment of birth.

Two angels are assigned to record our deeds,
whilst some take care of our other needs.
Like bringing us sunshine and also the rain.
Like protecting us from harm and also from pain.

There is another creation - it is called man.
They live on Earth for a very short span.
After their time expires they are returned
and through their deeds, paradise is earned.

Adam was first and he was made from mud
which was then turned into flesh and blood.
Unlike the angels, he has a choice to obey
- to go for guidance or to go astray.

So humans have choices to be the best
as freewill can raise them above the rest.
The ability to choose between wrong and right.
To return from darkness to knowledge and light.

Through choice we can follow Allah’s command
and refrain from everything Allah has banned.
We can follow Islam, becoming pious and just
so both learning and practice become a must.

If we ignore Islam and follow our desires
and lose ourselves in building our empires.
Our purpose in life becomes obeying our lust
- chasing the Dunya we become spiritually bust.

When our whims and desires is all we select.
Our real purpose in life we tend to neglect.
When Islam isn’t the centre of our lives,
our heart becomes empty where nothing survives.

Our Creator’s wishes we no longer observe
when our nafs and ego is all we serve.
We forget the reality that life is a test
and the path of righteousness is the best.

If the Path we tread is of virtue and merit
then the gardens of paradise we will inherit.
Many hardships and trials we will ultimately face
When the pious and righteous we emulate.

The amount of wealth is a test from above.
Do we love to share or is it hoarding we love?
Are we grateful to Allah for whatever he has sent?
Or do we complain of poverty and show resent?

If Allah has given us power over others
Do we treat them as equals and as brothers?
or do we feel superior and are filled with pride?
Do we practice fairness or are their rights denied?

Allah has blessed us with youth and good health,
both these qualities are our greatest wealth!
Do we pick on others demonstrating our brawn?
Or are we up for Fajr at the crack of dawn?

Are we careful to use our precious time?
Or is it devoted to TV, music and rhyme?
Do we try to create a better place
and improve the conditions that Muslims face?

Do we obey our parents and give them respect?
Are we good role models are our morals correct?
Do we help other people and are we always fair?
Do we earn halal income or don’t we care?

Do we follow the guidance from the Qur’an?
By shunning all evil and following Islam?
Do we read the Qur’an and heed its advice?
Or have we sold Jannah for a meagre price?

For all Allah’s blessings we show gratitude
with generosity, kindness and the right attitude.
So in doing good deeds we should not delay
and our commitment to Islam should start today.

On the last day all souls will be raised
and we will face Allah – the most praised.
Standing before Allah what face will we show?
When the truth of our actions will freely flow.

Zahid bin Ghulam