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right edge


You only live once so sit back and enjoy
No time for sorrows so fill it up with joy
This way of thinking is totally wrong
Our total existence is forever long

Life is for eternity its stages are four
The first is in the womb, but hold on there's more
The second is from birth until the moment we die
The third takes place in the place where we lie

Barzakh is it's name until judgement day
The fourth is eternity and in heaven we pray!
The soul splits from the body at the time we die
Then with the angel of death, they both will fly

If the person is pious, the angel looks handsome
And the wicked will wish, that they could ransom
For the pious, the soul is taken on a piece of silk
Eventually, they're in heaven with rivers of milk

The evil person's soul is dragged out with pain
Then they know, their life was in vain
When Allah swt gives the order, the soul is returned
Either to a bed of paradise, or else to be burned

The soul is returned, while the family are grieving
And then he is questioned while his loved ones are leaving
At that time the person will be in such a state
He is asked three questions which determine his fate

He will be panicking, his heart full of fear
When he sees the angels, Munkar and Nakeer
He will be asked about his God, religion and what did he say
About the person who appears in front of him that day

That will be Muhammed saws, who can save us from hell
The pious will recognise him, but others won't tell
After answering rightly they are saved from the ordeal
Of the torments of the grave, which to us seem unreal

Their grave is extended and in peace they stay
They will praise Allah swt and continue to pray
A window of paradise is seen and they sleep in bliss
Whereas the unbelievers grave becomes hell's abyss

Creatures are let loose on their fronts and back
Their graves close in until their ribs will crack
They are in constant agony until judgement day
Nothing will help, it will be too late to pray

They will know because of themselves, their future is wrecked
But they won't have a clue what to further expect
For the believer , it passes like a good night's sleep
His good deeds have been done, the rewards he shall keep

Judgement day will pass like the time for a prayer
At the speed of light he crosses the bridge, thin as a hair
And before he knows it, he is in paradise
Whereas the unbeliever, will be paying his price

This life is a journey, death isn't the end
Real life goes on, so don't just pretend
So prepare now, we're not here to stay
Follow islam, the key is to pray

Brothers and sisters take this advice
You'll be proud of yourself, when in paradise!