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Benefit of Knowledge

Allah is the creator - he created everything.
He created the animals and the human being.
All-knowing is one of Allah's attributes
and a gift of knowledge - Allah distributes.

To the best of his creation, known as mankind
and through this knowledge, goodness is defined.
So through prophets, this knowledge was bought
and through revealed books, it was taught.

This knowledge is wealth, precious like gold
because keys to success, this alone does hold.
Success in both this world and the next,
a promise guaranteed by all revealed text.

Allah blessed man with an ability to think
and Allah taught Adam how to eat and drink.
Unlike the animals that live and roam,
he taught him how to make clothes and a home.

Even today, Adam's knowledge is taught
and in colleges and universities, it is sought.
This knowledge gives mankind a better life -
more peace and harmony, less struggle and strife

Instead of living rough and under trees,
he can live in good homes with its luxuries
The darkest of night becomes bright like day
and even the ocean's darkness goes away.

Instead of walking trips or running around,
he travels much quicker - faster than sound!
He can travel in comfort in today's transport
and travel through the skies, from port to port.

He has advanced in medicine and healthcare
and many serious injuries, he can now repair.
Although death is something he cannot cure,
many illnesses are now treated, that's for sure.

We turn to our Lord and in gratitude we pray:
that this advancement will continue and stay.
This remains a means of comfort and peace
and through this, many hardships will cease.

We turn to our Lord and in hope we pray:
this won't become a means to destroy and slay.
It doesn't lead mankind to death and murder
and into misery, we won't slide further

By all means give us G M fruit
- to alleviate hunger, if this is the route,
But save us from evil - this is our plea,
such as mixing the genes of man and monkey!

The methods of Adam and Eve have its place.
It's the foundation to continue the human race.
We hope that those days won't ever be received,
when our offspring are cloned and not conceived!

We pray for knowledge that will benefit man
and will benefit humans thought their life-span.
Protect us from useless knowledge, we also pray
and safety from bad knowledge and going astray.

Instill within us love and dedication to good
to standup for the truth, like the prophets stood.
And save us from the message of evil and hate,
which is the message that bad politics does create.

Zahid bin Ghulam