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As Muslims we have a rich and proud History which spreads over 1400 years. From the pure and original message that removed the shackles of disbelief and ignorance from the hearts of men, a spiritual as well as material empire was born which permeated and moulded the character of the modern world today.

The essence of this message was the belief and dedication to La-ilaha-illallah. The belief and worship of God Almighty, who is the one and only creator and ruler of all that exists.

Throught the whole of the Muslim empires, centres of learning and worship were developed and indeed many exist today. Education primarily started in the Masjid, as in the time of Muhammad (pbuh) in Masjid Nabwi - the prophets mosque.

In our local community, we have centres in Alloa, Bathgate, Falkirk and Stirling. as well as smaller musalla in places such as the University. Feel free to take a virtual tour of the centres or learn about their history by selecting Islamic Centres from the menu on the left.

Over 1400 years ago from a Civilisation in the depth of ignorance and disbelief was born a man. He was purified and selected by Allah, the Lord of the worlds, for the noble mission of delivering His message to the whole of mankind. This universal message is in the Quran and this noble of souls is no other than Muhammad - May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.


The Alloa MusallaThe Bathgate MosqueFalkirk MosqueStirling Mosque